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At the moment, i'm still working on the ability to add/remove files from the map.

Then i will add scanning functionality so it can figure out what files need to be added.

Then i will make the GUI for it.

a little background info: the part of the .bsp file that stores custom content is an uncompressed zip file at the end of the bsp.
i am coding my own zip file manipulation library, as the ones already out there are a pain in the ass to use and aren't very readable.

in the meantime, check out other awesome software from the best site in the world: sourceforge.net
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10-23-06 #2: i can now add a file to a zip

10-23-06: sorry for long time without updates, i have the checksum stuff completed, 
			and i'm close to being able to add a file to an existing zip

10-16-06: looks like i'm gonna have to figure out how to generate a checksum for a file